Taking time to read and understand your transfer credit evaluation will assist you when you are preparing to meet with your academic advisor. We recommend that you take your evaluation to your advisor meeting.

A few things to know about your evaluation:

  • The evaluation is subject to change if we receive updated transcripts from your prior colleges.
  • Equivalencies are ultimately decided by the academic department who offers the equivalent course at Missouri Western.
  • Some non-general studies courses may not have been reviewed for a Missouri Western equivalent or possible repeat, pending department review.
  • Transfer students’ academic standing is evaluated based on Missouri Western’s Academic Standards.
  • College credit more than ten years old may be used for general education or elective requirements, but they cannot be used for major requirements unless approved by the academic department of the declared major. Ten-year-old credit may appear as an equivalent course, however, your academic department may change equivalencies at the time you declare your major if the course content has changed significantly in recent years.
  • Any course entered with an equivalency course number of 009, 010, or 030 (i.e., BIO 010, HIS 030, etc.) indicates that the course is being accepted as elective credit for that subject area because there is no direct equivalent at Missouri Western. Values of 009 are considered preparatory credit (these hours do not count towards graduation), values of 010 are lower-level credit, while values of 030 are accepted as upper-level credit.


Your unofficial transcript will show your course equivalencies, along with the following information that is important for you to know:

  • Earned transfer credit and institutional (MWSU) credit
  • GPA hours
  • Total resident, non-resident and overall GPA

After receiving notification of admission to the University, activate your Goldlink account. After logging into your Goldlink, go to the Student Academics tab and look for the View Unofficial Transcript link in the Student Records box.


You can view your academic standing (good standing, probation, etc.) as well as any holds or other restrictions that will prevent you from registering through your Goldlink account. Go to the Student Academics Tab and click on General Student Information in the Student Records box.


You can review how your courses have transferred and apply towards Missouri Western’s general education requirements using our Griffon GPS degree audit system.  You can see how your upper-level and major-specific courses apply to your degree program, please use the “What If” link on the left-hand toolbar in Griffon GPS.

Any student who has completed an Associate of Arts (AA), a bachelor’s degree, or the Missouri 42-hour general education block (must be noted on the transcript or other official document) from a regionally-accredited institution, is considered to have satisfactorily completed Missouri Western’s general studies requirements (some exceptions apply which will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis).

To use Griffon GPS, log into your Goldlink account, go to the Student Academics tab and click on the Griffon GPS link under the Student Records channel.

For more information and tutorials about Griffon GPS, visit the Griffon GPS website.


You should speak with your academic advisor if you believe an elective credit course has significant similarity to a Missouri Western course or that a course was incorrectly evaluated. Courses that are applicable to your degree program will be evaluated by your academic department and they will submit the appropriate paperwork to have your record updated accordingly.

If it is determined that a course should be re-evaluated, please begin by contacting a Transcript Evaluator in the Office of Admissions at (816) 271-4266, or email transfer@missouriwestern.edu.

After consulting the Office of Admissions, a student wishing to appeal should take the following steps:

  1. File a written appeal with the Admissions and Graduation Committee (see Registrar’s Office, Eder Hall 102).
  2. Explain in writing the reason for the appeal.
  3. If appealing coursework from an institution not regionally accredited, submit course descriptions, a course syllabus and the credentials of the instructor for each course that is being appealed.


You indicated which program you intend to pursue on your application for admission which is used for basic advising and communication. Your major is not officially declared until you complete a Major Declaration Form with your academic advisor after enrolling for classes. Once this form is approved, your degree requirements will be locked in for six years and your Griffon GPS will be updated accordingly. You can access these forms and sample programs through the Registrar’s Office website.


You may repeat any course you take at Missouri Western. When a course is repeated, the original grade remains on the transcript but is excluded (E) from the GPA calculation and the most recent grade is included (I) in the GPA. Topics and related format courses which change in content on a semester-to-semester basis do not apply in this regard. The A/Cr/U option cannot be used to repeat a course in which a prior letter grade of D or F was earned.

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