The CORE 42 general education curriculum is a lower-division core of forty-two semester credit hours adopted by all public colleges and universities within the state of Missouri. The course of study is intended to ensure that all Missouri graduates possess a common core of college-level skills and knowledge. CORE 42 is intended to facilitate student transfer of academic credits and general education completion among participating Missouri institutions of higher education.  Effective Summer 2020, Missouri Western State University will  allow all students to use this approved, statewide general education curriculum.

Current, New, & Returning Students

Any student in the following categories has the option to select the CORE 42 general education curriculum:

  • A current degree-seeking student at Missouri Western.
  • A student entering as a new Missouri Western freshman.
  • A student who is returning to Missouri Western without transfer work from another college or university.

Transfer Students

Any student in the following categories will automatically be placed on the CORE 42 general education curriculum:

  • A student who has attended another college or university after high school graduation and whose first term at Missouri Western is subsequent to this attendance.
  • A student who has stopped out, attended another college or university, but is now returning to Missouri Western.

Selecting a General Education Curriculum

All degree-seeking students at Missouri Western are strongly encouraged to  complete a “What-If” audit through Griffon GPS to help identify which general education curriculum – Core 42 or MWSU –  is in their best interests.

Students can complete the “What-If” audit through Griffon GPS with the following information: What If; Catalog Year=current; Program=General Education; Major=CORE42 or MWSU.  Questions should be directed to a student’s academic advisor or to the Registrar’s Office.

Students select the general education curriculum they want by registering through the link below.  Once on the registration site:

  • Students who wish to select the CORE 42 general education curriculum choose the “CORE 42 Opt-In” button.
  • Students who are already coded in CORE 42 general education curriculum but wish to opt-out in favor of Missouri Western’s general education curriculum choose the “CORE 42 Opt-Out” button.

CORE 42 & Griffon GPS

Once students have selected or been placed into the CORE 42 general education curriculum, their student record on Griffon GPS will reflect the CORE 42 general education curriculum; transfer courses which meet requirements will show as complete. When CORE 42 general education courses have all been completed (and the last class in the curriculum was earned at MWSU), a “General Education Met” statement will be placed on the student’s MWSU transcript.

Courses in the CORE 42 General Education Curriculum

CORE 42 courses are distributed across five knowledge areas.

  1. Mathematical Sciences
  2. Written and Oral Communications
  3. Natural Sciences
  4. Social & Behavioral Sciences
  5. Humanities and Fine Arts

Coursework in CORE 42

Approved general education courses from Missouri schools are designated with a Missouri Transfer (MOTR) course number, which guarantees a one-to-one transfer among all Missouri public institutions of higher education.

  • Missouri Western MOTR courses are identified within the course description in the university catalog and within the semester schedule
  • MOTR courses from other Missouri schools can be found at
  • Non-Missouri coursework will have MOTR designations placed on them during the initial transfer evaluation process.

Missouri Western will make every effort to apply transfer courses appropriately within the CORE 42 Knowledge Areas. Students who have questions about transfer coursework as applied to their general education curriculum should contact:

Transfer Evaluation Coordinator
Admissions Office
(816) 271-4307

Further appeals may be made to the Assistant Director of Admissions – Operations, or the Admissions & Graduation Committee through the Registrar’s Office.

CORE 42 Additional Information and Resources

Admissions Office at (816) 271-4266, Eder Hall 101
Registrar’s Office at (816) 271-4211, Eder Hall 102