Non-Degree Seeking Student

This category is for the student who is not seeking a degree or certificate at Missouri Western State University.
Things You Should Know
  1. Non-degree seeking students must apply for admission.
  2. Students under suspension are ineligible to be admitted under this category. Additionally, a student will not be permitted to switch to a non-degree seeking status to avoid penalties imposed by the University.
  3. Students admitted under this category who later decide to seek a degree at MWSU must reapply for admission in the appropriate admission category and provide all necessary admissions documents.
  4. All applicable credits earned as a non-degree seeking student may be applied towards graduation should you change to a degree-seeking student.
  5. Students who apply and are admitted as a non-degree seeking student are not eligible for financial assistance through the University.
Self-Enrichment Documents Needed
To be admitted in this category, applicants must provide:
  1. Completed application for admission.
Visiting High School Student Documents Needed
Students currently enrolled in high school who are seeking admittance to MWSU on a part-time basis concurrent with high school attendance must provide:
  1. Completed application for admission.
  2. Letter of permission from the high school counselor or principal (required each semester prior to enrollment).
Visiting College Student Documents Needed
Students who are attending another college or university and wish to take courses at Missouri Western and then transfer the MWSU course work to the parent institution for degree applicability must provide:
  1. Completed application for admission.
  2. Letter of Good Standing from the parent institution which reflects the student is academically eligible.