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Living out Leadership – LOL

This is a leadership-centered community with a focus on the exploration of all thing’s leadership, personal development, and emphasis on empowering others as well as one’s self to understand that anyone can be a leader. This Max Community will have a focus on helping students better understand their leadership styles, grow understanding of others who have different leadership styles, and harvest a passion for leadership.

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First-Gen Scholars

First-Gen Scholars is a collective of first-generation college students committed to completing a college degree while building leadership skills and providing service to the MWSU community.  As defined by the US Department of Education, First-Generation College students are those whose parents did not complete a 4-year college or university degree. First-Gen Scholar leaders provide resource navigation, academic success strategies, and fun activities to help enhance their overall college experience.

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Career Exploration & Opportunities (CEO)

Be the Chief Executive Officer of your college career and professional development journey. Regardless of if you have no idea what career or major you want to pursue or you know exactly what you want to do, join us. This community is dedicated to fun while engaging in career exploration and opportunities for professional development through career coaching and engaging with successful alumni and professionals.

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