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In order for a group of students to use university facilities, reserve rooms, equipment, or outdoor space; request funding; and post flyers on bulletin boards, they must form an organization and receive official university recognition. To receive recognition, the organization’s founding members should complete this application, which is reviewed by the Student Government Association. Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are essential to the function of the student body. RSOs can apply for funding through the SGA Financial Oversight Committee (FOC) to attend conferences/competitions and take advantage of leadership opportunities. The presidents of these RSOs have a seat on the President’s Leadership Council (PLC).
Registered Student Organizations can utilize MaxEngage, a platform for Presidents and Administrators of the RSOs to update the information on their organizations and create fun events for the students.

Starting/Restarting a Student Organization

Step 1: Fill out the New RSO Application Form on MaxEngage

  • At least five students and one advisor are required to be eligible
  • Complete a logo design or create a logo.
  • Every RSO is required to have a constitution ready during the application process.

Link to sample Constitution coming soon.

Step 2: Advisor fills out the Advisor Agreement Form on MaxEngage

Step 3: Approval or Denial of the New RSO
Once all required materials have been submitted to the Center for Student Involvement, proposals will be reviewed by the Director of Student Development and the Student Government Association. SGA will have the request for the organization to become recognized, and it will be presented to the SGA Senate. To be approved by SGA, the process is done in two (2) separate meetings. There will be a first reading for the requesting organization to have their New RȘO Presentation presented to the senate to educate SGA Senate about the potential organization, followed by a second reading at the next SGA meeting for any final discussion and a vote.
All materials will be reviewed one final time by the Student Government Association and the Director of Student Development. An official review will be conducted to ensure that there is not an existing organization in which there is too much overlap. During this time, there will also be an assessment of the risk associated with the potential organization. Finally, during this time, there will be an in-depth review of the constitution to confirm that it meets the standards of MWSU. Final Approval or Denial will be determined by the Student Government Association and Director of Student Development.

Step 4: Welcome and RSO Requirements

  • All RSO materials (Application to Become a Recognized Student Organization, Approved Constitution, RSO Advisor Agreement Form) will be stored electronically in the Center for Student Involvement.
  • Any changes or updates to the organization‘s Constitution, leadership, or advisor will be reported immediately to the Director of Student Development. It will be required that all RSOs complete renewal paperwork annuals in the Spring semester. An advisor Agreement Form will be filled out whenever a new President or Advisor is selected. The new Advisor form must be completed every Spring semester to confirm that your advisor will be able to continue to be in that role.
RSO Handbook

If you are looking for information about starting an RSO, go onto MaxEngage and click on Forms. Then, pull up the New RSO Application Form.

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