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Are you interested in advocating for your fellow Griffons? Are you dedicated to do being the voice for Missouri Western students? Consider running to be next Student Body President/Vice President or a Senator.

Becoming a Senator

To be elected a student has to be a full time student and have a 2.25 cumulative grade point average. When not election time a student can attend three SGA meetings and if not all 20 senate seats are filled they can be voted in by the senate. If all seats are filled they can become an Associate Senator after attending three meetings.

The SGA Senate meets every other Monday throughout the school year. During these meetings, senators discuss issues relevant to students and vote on legislation to solve the issues presented. Any student, regardless of participation in SGA, is invited to come to these meetings and bring their concerns directly to the SGA. While SGA may not always be able to help immediately, they will remain dedicated to solving any problem that affects students. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, email President Nathan Scott at nscott2@missouriwestern.edu or come to the next Senate meeting.

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Have any questions about becoming a Senator or the SGA? Check out our Constitution and Bylaws!

SGA Constitution
Official Rules of the Senate
President’s Leadership Council (PLC) Bylaw
Senate Bylaws