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 The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) coordinates accommodations for students at MWSU. Students needing accommodations have the choice to self-identify, submit documentation, and make the decision about using accommodations.

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Returning students and current students who have previously received accommodations and support from the ARC must renew their request at the beginning of every school year.

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The Accessibility Resource Center is committed to partnering with students, faculty, and staff to ensure equitable access through reasonable accommodations while maintaining course standards and ensuring the health and safety of our campus community.
To receive support from the ARC, you may complete and submit the appropriate request form.


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The Accessibility Resource Center coordinates accommodations for students and staff of MWSU with unique accessibility needs and/ or disabilities. Students and staff needing accommodations must submit a request for accommodations.

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Welcome to the MWSU Accessibility Resource Center (ARC). Our goal is to create an accessible and inclusive collegiate environment for students with disabilities.

The ARC coordinates support services and programs that enable equal access to education and university life for students with disabilities, including temporary or permanent challenges with mental health, chronic health, sensory ability, physical health/mobility, or learning ability.

If you are living with one or more disabilities, we invite you to meet with us virtually or in Eder 201 and register with our office – it is voluntary and confidential. You will need to supply documentation by a qualified professional regarding the impact of your disability along with your registration form.