Accessibility Resource Center


Welcome to the Accessibility Resource Center at MWSU!

Welcome to the what?

The Accessibility Resource Center

Why do you call it that?

Accessibility – Our primary function is to make sure students with disabilities have access to the same opportunities as their peers.

Resource – We provide resources for the University in order to create an increasingly accessible, inclusive and welcoming environment for a diverse group of learners.

Center – More than a merely a service provider, we are evolving into a disability/accessibility information center utilized by students, faculty and staff.


Our Mission

The Accessibility Resource Center leads the campus community in its commitment to recognizing disability as a valued aspect of diversity, embracing access as a matter of social justice, and designing more welcoming and inclusive environments.

Making Contact with the ARC

Having a disability is a unique experience for each individual. Some students discover the college environment has very little impact on their disability while other students encounter considerable barriers to pursuing their education. And while there is absolutely no requirement to self identify as a student with a disability, we are here if you need us. If you are anticipating or currently experiencing barriers that prevent you from having the same opportunities as your peers, click on the Student Resource Center tab in the menu to the left and then click on the New Students tab for more information.