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Individual students and RSOs are eligible to apply for funding for conference/competition travel and RSO supplies and events.

The Financial Oversight Committee (FOC) was created in order to review proposals and then allocate funds to individual student(s) and/or RSOs from the University in order to aid them in the betterment of their organization and to the benefit of the campus community.

Please read the SGA Funding Act & Policies before applying for funding.

The FOC Appropriations Funding Policy aids RSOs in purchasing general supplies, travel funding, and allowing for co-sponsorship of events for the upcoming school year in an amount up to $5000.

Appropriations is a “first come, first serve” type of funding. SGA has allocated a certain amount of funding for RSOs to request from, so by applying for appropriations, you can secure your RSOs funding for the semester. You can request three different types of funding for your RSO. Funding to (1) co-sponsor events, (2) travel to conference/competitions and for (3) general supplies for the function of your RSO.

Applications are DUE the second Friday of the Spring and Fall semesters.

Under the FOC Travel Funding Policy, all students are entitled to $750 of funding towards travel. This funding can be used for lodging, conference fees, and travel. To receive this funding, please have all the information sent through the MaxEngage form labeled Individual Funding Request at least 15 classroom days before leaving. If you have any more questions, please see the attached policy. Any specific questions about vehicles, inclement weather, or anything of the like is further explained in the Student Travel Policy.

Whenever multiple RSOs join in hosting an event, those RSOs are allowed to request $5000 in funding. This can be used for multiple parts of the event except for those specifically outlined in the FOC Co-Sponsorship Funding Policy (see below). Make sure to register your event on MaxEngage to ensure it can be approved!

For any questions, please contact the SGA Office at (816) 271-4409.

Funding Applications

Please use MaxEngage for all funding requests. Use the QR code below or visit missouriwestern.presence.io to access the funding application.

MaxEngage qr code