griffon gold community standards

Griffons build community by showing…

Missouri Western expects its community members to appreciate their own talents, take themselves and their academic pursuits seriously, and enhance the quality of their lives.

Missouri Western expects its community members to behave towards one another with sensitivity, consideration, understanding, tolerance and an active concern for the welfare of others.

Missouri Western expects its community members to use all property, including buildings, library books, equipment and green spaces, responsibly. This principle requires students to respect personal and institutional property, inside and outside the Missouri Western community.

Missouri Western expects its community members to exhibit respect for its faculty, administrators, staff and designated student staff members and paraprofessionals – each of whom has been charged with responsibilities essential to the orderly operation of the university.

Missouri Western expects its community members to demonstrate the personal characteristics of honesty and integrity in all aspects of their campus life, both inside and outside the classroom. These qualities, which are congruent with our community values, are integral parts of daily life on campus.

Residence Hall Students of the Month

  • RA Tia Vernon
  • RA Roger Collins
  • Sara Yarbrough
  • Sam Oliver
  • Aaron Whittler
  • Mya Grover
  • Jackson Mensik
  • Sydney Strack
  • Selena Moore
  • Dana Vinson

These students exemplify our Griffon Gold Community Standards. By demonstrating respect and honesty, they are making Missouri Western State University a great place to live and learn.

April 2024

Beshears and Juda Hall: Harley Pruetting
Leaverton Hall: Jake Murphy
Scanlon Hall: Madison McCullah
Vartabedian Hall: Wesley Luetkemeyer

RAs: Sydney Shepard & Jeffrey Henderson

March 2024

Beshears and Juda Hall: Ti ‘Erra Brown
Leaverton Hall: Grace Apgar
Scanlon Hall: KJ Holub
Vartabedian Hall: Sam Cerra

RAs: Annelise Kirkpatrick and Madi Taylor

February 2024

Beshears and Juda Hall: Jackson Mensik
Leaverton Hall: Sydney Strack
Scanlon Hall: Selena Moore
Vartabedian Hall
: Dana Vinson

RAs: Miya Grover and Aaron Whittler

January 2024

Beshears and Juda Hall: Kevin Walker
Leaverton Hall: Sara Yarbrough
Scanlon Hall: Sam Oliver
Vartabedian Hall: Camden Bennett

RAsRoger Collins and Tia Vernon

What Are Our Residents Being Nominated For?

This individual is a consistently happy and caring person who always treats others with a happy and kind attitude. When an RA sits at the desk they will come up and talk to them and ask them about their day and how they are doing in classes. They also hold the door and elevator for others and are very vocal about her  appreciation for programs put on in the hall. This student also offered an entire bag of apples to an RA after finding out they are that RA’s favorite.

Respect for Authority

This student called housing and residence life about an Exit sign that had got torn down. They were concerned that the exposed wires could cause harm to  someone and wanted to make sure to report it before that happened.

Respect for Property

This RA has built trust with their residents and created intentional relationships. Their residents are able to confide in them and receive great support. They provide them with vulnerability and honesty.

Respect for Others

This individual won a $50.00 flex dollar award from our department. They came in upon receiving this award and asked that this money go to someone else that has greater need. This person also received another nomination saying they are an all-around good person and resident. They are respectful to the res halls and to their roommates, active in the school, participates in our programs, makes conversations when they see RAs out and about, and just does their best to put forth a  positive attitude in everything they do.

Respect for Others

This person consistently helps to better and improve living conditions on campus. Their efforts are always appreciated and benefit so many residents. They saw that the Juda/Beshears steps needed traction strips due to how slick they get when they are wet. This person worked to communicate to campus authorities and their communication was rewarded with brand new traction strips on the Juda/Beshears stairs. 

Respect for Property

When a resident approached this RA with a concern about a friend’s home life, this RA jumped into action to make sure the student, despite not being a resident, was safe. This RA was able to work with the Director of housing to help set up accommodations to get the now resident a safe space in the Residence Halls where the student can learn and live in a healthy environment.

Respect for Others

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