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Tips for Preparing for the Semester: 

(Last update August, 2022)

Connect to the Intranet: the Faculty/Staff Resource page is a wealth of resources and connections. Why not make it your default page?

Print or Export a Class Roster: Login to Goldlink, go to the Faculty Resources Card, and then “Faculty Tools”. Click on Faculty Detail Schedule, select Term and CRN (course) from pull down menus. A Course screen will pop up. Click on the CLASSLIST under Roster near the center of the screen. This will bring up your entire course list. Click on the correct course number under the Subject heading (such as… UNV 101, 01).  This will bring up the class roster for you. To PRINT or EXPORT to and Excel spreadsheet , use the appropriate icon at the top right of the screen.  Alternative access:  If you go into Goldlink/Faculty Resources/Faculty Tools/Faculty Week at a Glance, you will see a calendar showing your scheduled courses. Clicking on any of the courses takes you directly to that course page, where you can find the CLASSLIST link. 

Print a Photo Roster: Login to Goldlink/Faculty Resources card/Faculty Tools/Photo Roster, then login.  Choose the course section you want to print from the list on the right side of the screen. This is also the page you will use for attendance verification at the beginning of each semester. 

Emailing Your Class: The easiest way to communicate with your entire class, or even and individual, is through Canvas. Login to Canvas, go to “Inbox” on the left side menu on your dashboard. An icon at the top of the page lets you COMPOSE MESSAGE, which can be sent to an entire course, a single course section, or individual(s) within the section. You also have the option to “Send an individual message to each recipient”. These messages and replies are sent through your/their Griffon Google email account. Thus, you will see emails and responses in your normal email, and ready them and reply without having to log back into Canvas.

Individual email logins for students are also available through the Photo Roster. You have the ability to select certain students and email them directly from that page. 

Syllabus Template for a ClassThe syllabus template for all MWSU courses may be found on the Faculty -Staff Resource page under “Forms”.  Use this link for easy access.

Note that there is a single link for policy statements that are to be included in every syllabus, which can be found on the faculty-staff resource page.

Plan for Convocation: In fall term, the university hosts a Convocation speaker. The campus offices close and classes are cancelled during Convocation to make sure that everyone can attend. As you plan your syllabus, don’t forget to include this. More information will be posted to the faculty list-serve as we get closer. Meanwhile, here is the Convocation webpage:

Final Exam Schedule: Your syllabus should contain information about the final exam. The schedule and rules for final exam administration are listed here:  Note that this link can also be found through Goldlink/Important Dates card/Final Exam Schedule.

View the Academic Calendar by going to Goldlink/Important Dates card/Academic Calendar.  Several academic years are provided and printable (see list on right side of screen).

View the Entire Course Schedule: Login to Goldlink, the Advisor Tools card, then “Browse Classes”. Select a subject (or a more specific course number if desired). This will bring up a screen with tabulated information on the courses including title, course number, section number, credit hours, CRN, term offered, instructor, meeting times, campus, status, and other attributes. Not that the Status column shows the number of seats available, but not necessarily the total enrollment on an overfull or crosslinked section. To see the true enrollment, click on the Title, then Enrollment/Waitlist from the popup menu. This will show the “Enrollment Actual”, “Enrollment Maximum”, and “Enrollment Seats Available”, as well as waitlist numbers.  Note that the table columns may be hidden using the gear icon in the upper right had corner. At the bottom of the page you can change the number of courses shown per page.

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Food for Thought

Advice and Reflections for a University Teacher Beginning an Academic Career,” Iain Hay, Julie Bartlett-Trafford, T.C. Chang, Pauline Kneale, and Gerti Szili.

The 24/7 Professor-What to Do When Home Is Just Another Word for the Office,” Piper Fogg.

The Teacher, the Scholar, the Self: Fitting Thinking and Writing into a Four-Four Load,” Virginia Schaefer Carroll.

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