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The following suggested articles are available online or directly through our online library resources. Click to see the full resource. 

Time Management and Productivity

TED Ed: “How to Manage Your Time More Effectively (According to Machines),” Brian Christian.

Website/Blog: Smart Like How

Admin 101: It’s about Time-or Rather, Time Management,” David D. Perlmutter.


TED Ed: “Redefining Leadership: Leading with Lollipops,” Drew Dudley.

TED Ed: “The 5 Types of Mentors You Need in Your Life,” Julia Fawal.

Website/Blog: Art Petty on Leadership

Website/Blog: Let’s Grow Leaders

Website/Blog: Career Advancement: The Blog for Leadership Development

Motivation and Perseverance of Women in Education Leadership in the United States,” Marie Goretti Nakitendi.

It All Starts at the Top: Divergent Leadership Styles and their Impact upon a University,” Joseph Simplico.

Examining Six Different Leadership Styles in Relation to Constrained Change at Winona State University,” Richard Bowman Jr.

Workplace and Career Satisfaction

Website/Blog: “Headstuck” at The Career Psychologist

Website/Blog: Design Your Career

Website/Blog: Career Tips to Go

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