Virtual Scholarship Summit

IMC Services 

Visit the IMC Resources Page for introductory videos for Zoom, Panopto, and many other features.


Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Office Support for Word offers video tutorials and templates for various applications. Scroll down to “Word Training” to access the videos.

Microsoft Office Support for Excel offers web based tutorials for beginners and more advanced users. There are also several templates that can be downloaded. To get started, scroll down to “Excel Training”, click on “Explore Training” to take you to the videos tutorials.

11 Places to Learn Excel for Free… lists several good sites for more tutorials by video, animation, or step-by-step directions.

Excel Easy is another free web based tutorial option. The Introduction speaks directly to new users of Excel. It offers a quick “how to’s” for many Excel features, such as math functions (sum, average, etc.), charts, and pivot tables.  Scroll down the page to “300 Examples” to see step-by-step procedures for functions in Excel. Warning: This site contains ads. Do NOT automatically click on any “START” button. Those are part of the ads, not the tutorials. 

Microsoft Office Support for Powerpoint offers video tutorials, templates, and other Featured Topics at the bottom of the page. Featured Topics includes such actions as adding animations, turning your presentation into a video, and addressing accessibility.

Microsoft Office Support for Access offers video tutorials, templates, and other Featured Topics.

Microsoft Office Templates offers templates for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Visio.