Virtual Scholarship Summit

The following suggested resources are available online or directly through our online library resources. Click to see the full resource.

Universal Design

Applying the Principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the College Classroom,” Kathleen A. Boothe, Marla J. Lohmann, and Kimberly A. Donnell.

Pedagogy and Student Services for Institutional Transformation: Implementing Universal Design in Higher Education,” Jeanne L. Higbee and Emily Goff.

Universal Design for Online Courses: Applying Principles to Pedagogy,” Kavita Rao, Patricia Edelen-Smith, and Cat-Uyen Wailehua.

Universal Design in Postsecondary Education: Process, Principles, and Applications,” Sheryl Burgstahler.

Universal Instructional Design Principles for Mobile Learning,” Tanya Elias.

Universal Design for Instruction: The Paradigm, Its Principles, and Products for Enhancing Instructional Access,” Joan M. McGuire, Sally S. Scott, and Stan F. Shaw.

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