Virtual Scholarship Summit

Events Archive

Admissions and Marketing & Communications, “Reaching Out: Faculty Engaging Prospective Students” (4/16/21)

Jake Kelly (Tech Services), “Google Apps: Part 2″ (3/5/21)

Jake Kelly (Tech Services), “Google Apps: Part 1″ (2/19/21)

Dawn Drake (Geography), “Geography: How Including the Science of Where into Your Curriculum Can Produce Successful and Competitive Graduates” (2/5/21)

Preventing Cheating: A CTL Sandbox (1/14/2021)

Canvas Training (1/13/2021)

Best Teaching Practices During Covid: A CTL Sandbox (1/12/2021)

Jordan Atkinson (Communication), “Building Relationships with Students through Effective Classroom Communication Behaviors” (11/6/2020)

Kristen Walton (Biology) & Aaron Grant (Music), Workshop on “Scholarship of Teaching” (10/23/2020)

Britt Johnson (HP), Workshop on “Employee Mentoring” (10/9/2020)

“Internships: A Crash Course in Developing and Maintaining a Robust Internship Program that Advances Student Learning” Dr. Mike Ducey, Director of the Griffon Office of Applied Learning  (04/01/22)