Virtual Scholarship Summit

The following suggested resources are available online or directly through our online library resources. Click to see the full resource.

Assessing the Impact of Educational Video on Student Engagement, Critical Thinking and Learning: The Current State of Play,” Michael Carmichael, Abigail-Kate Reid, Jeffrey D. Karpicke.

Students’ Uncertainty Management in the College Classroom,” Michael Sollitto, Jan Brott, Catherine Cole, Elia Gil, and Heather Selim.

Increasing Class Participation in College Classrooms with the Good Behavior Game,” Jessica M. Cheatham, Jenny E. Ozga, Claire C. St. Peter, Gabrielle A. Mesches, and Jennifer M. Owsiany.

Is It Incivility or Mental Illness? Understanding and Coping with Disruptive Student Behavior in the College Classroom,” Mary E. McNaughton-Cassill.

Adult Students’ Learning Behaviors in the College Mathematics Classroom,” Aimee Tennant.

Effective Teaching Behaviors in the College Classroom: A Critical Incident Technique from Students’ Perspective,” Kanika Aggarwal Khandelwal.

Is My Teaching Disturbing You? Strategies for Addressing Disruptive Behaviors in the College Classroom,” Kelle Murphy.

Student Nagging Behavior in the College Classroom,” Katie Neary Dunleavy, Matthew M. Martin, Maria Brann, Melanie Booth-Butterfield, Scott A. Myers, and Keith Weber.

Student Views of Instructor-Student Rapport in the College Classroom,” Nathan G. Webb and Laura Obrycki Barrett.

FORUM: Instructional Communication and Millennial Students: Millennials, Teaching and Learning, and the Elephant in the College Classroom,” Sherwyn P. Morreale and Constance M. Staley.

Student Civility in the College Classroom: Exploring Student Use and Effects of Classroom Citizenship Behavior,” Scott A. Myers, Zachary W. Goldman, Jordan Atkinson, Hannah Ball, Shannon T. Carton, Melissa F. Tindage, and Amena O. Anderson.

Managing Disruptive Behaviour in the Classroom,” Catherine Deering.

The Learning Killer: Disruptive Student Behavior in the Classroom,” Alan Seidman.

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