Virtual Scholarship Summit

The following suggested resources are available online or directly through our online library resources. Click to see the full resource. 

Award-Winning Faculty Online Teaching Practices: Roles and Competencies,” Florence Martin, Kiran Budhrani, Swapna Kumar, and Albert Ritzhaupt.

Educators’ Preparation to Teach, Perceived Teaching Presence, and Perceived Teaching Presence Behaviors in Blended and Online Learning Environments,” Lisa E. Gurley.

Teaching Online Research in the ‘Fake News’ Era,” Allison Faix.

Administrative or Faculty Control of Online Course Development and Teaching: A Comparison of Three Institutions,” Darcy B. Tannehill, Constance P. Serapiglia, and Jeffery K. Guiler.

The (Lack of) Influence of Age and Class Standing on Preferred Teaching Behaviors for Online Students,” Shannon Kennan, Paula Bigatel, Susan Stockdale, and Jennifer Hoewe.

The Lived Experience: A Study in Teaching Online,” Bobbette M. Morgan.

Website: Carlton College’s Academic Technology Page on Developing the “Perfect” Videos

Website: Humboldt State University Teaching and Learning Tools

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