Department of Art

Welcome to the Department of Art!

The Department of Art provides a foundation of knowledge and skills in the visual arts which will prepare students to practice art on a professional level. Students may elect the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio, intended to train professional, practicing artists in a variety of media; the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design that prepares students for a career in graphic design; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Animation that prepares students for a career in digital animation (cinema, gaming, broadcast television and interactive media); the Bachelor of Science in Art Education for students who wish to teach art in the public school system; and a minor in Art History that gives students a broad overview of the history of art.

Studio courses and historical-critical studies are an integral part of all programs. Studio courses introduce the student to a wide variety of media and techniques while providing opportunities to deal with problems related to professional practice. Historical-critical studies acquaint the student with artistic styles, movements, and aesthetic problems in art, and place them in historical perspective.

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