Students in art classroom listening to MWSU professor

Mission Statement

The mission of the art programs at Missouri Western State University is to graduate students with the knowledge and ability to become professional artists, designers and art historians capable of making informed and creative decisions that will benefit the individual, the community and society.


  1. To develop and maintain the highest-level teaching and applied learning environment in the art/design discipline.
  2. To create an awareness and appreciation of the fine arts for students and the broader community by presenting visiting artists, gallery exhibitions, workshops and lectures.
  3. To provide a curriculum that encourages students to develop their visual literacy while developing critical and analytical problem-solving skills.
  4. To prepare students for technical and conceptual proficiency in the their chosen art/design discipline.
  5. To provide, develop, and maintain safe facilities and current technologies that prepare the student for a career in art.
  6. To engage and support the advancement of the visual arts through study away, applied learning, critical thinking and community service.
  7. For students to become original and creative problem solvers, beginning with the conception of idea and carrying through to the completion of visual works.
  8. For students to gain a working knowledge of the elements of art and the principles of design.
  9. For students to acquire the knowledge and confidence to intelligently assess and honestly critique their own artwork, as well as the work of their peers, professionals, and historical artists.