Wednesday, January 13 – Open registration for all students
(freshmen, returning, transfer, non-traditional)

Location: Our staff will greet you in the main lobby of Eder Hall. Parking is located in the Lot A circle drive or Lot B

What can I do before I arrive?

Placement in math, reading, and writing courses at Missouri Western is determined by ACT/SAT subscores. Students with the following are required to take developmental courses before completing general education requirements in these areas.

  • ACT math, reading, and writing subscore(s) 17 or below
  • SAT math subscore 0-480
  • SAT Reading/English subscore 0-490
  • No ACT/SAT scores

If you have not taken the ACT/SAT or if you are unsatisfied with your ACT/SAT score placement, we encourage you to consider any of the placement tests listed below. Taking these exams could save you time and money as you complete your degree because they often allow students to test into higher-level courses. Missouri Western placement exams are free.

Math (MPE):
Students do not need an appointment and may take the unproctored Mathematics Placement Exam at any time and from any location. The MPE is a 50-minute unproctored exam that may be taken/retaken once per week. The highest score will be credited to the student record. Scoring 40-69 places students in MAT 110-E or MAT 111-E, which is a general studies math course with a lab attached. For more information and to study resources, go to MPE. If a student earns 70 or above on the MPE and wishes to take the proctored exam, they will receive an email, and can register to take the proctored MPE from the email link.
Writing (WPE):
On January 13, walk-in students who wish to take the WPE should let an advisor in Student Success and Academic Advising know that they wish to take the WPE. The office will collect student emails and register them to take the test at 3 p.m. in Hearnes 301. Students must be pre-registered to take the WPE. This is the only opportunity to take the exam prior to the spring semester. The test consists of one essay written on the assigned topic during a 45-minute period. You will be asked to read a brief article and then write a text-based response, in academic essay format, to that article.For more information about the WPE, click here.
Reading (RPE):

Students may take the RPE the following dates/times prior to walk-in registration in the Center for Academic Support, Hearnes 213. Please go here for more information and to register for the exam. Students do not have to register in advance for the January 12 and 13 times. They may go to the CAS a few minutes prior to the start time. The RPE utilizes the Next Generation Accuplacer Reading Comprehension Exam. It is a self-paced test given on a computer, and it consists of questions related to reading comprehension and sentence skills. A score of 250 or above places a student out of a developmental reading course.

  • January 5: 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m.
  • January 6: 1 p.m. (online), 3 p.m.
  • January 12: 2 p.m.
  • January 13: 10 a.m.

Missouri Western State University requires all students to submit a Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire

Students living on campus are required to submit:

  1. Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire AND
  2. Meningococcal Immunization (MCV4 or MPSV4) documentation (given at 16 years of age or older) or if applicablesigned waiver that indicates you have medical or religious exemption from the meningococcal immunization OR
  3. Other official immunization records from the Health Department, a physician’s office, hospital or school.

Additionally, students who have ever had a positive tuberculin skin test, must submit a physician signed chest x-ray report with their health and immunizations records, prior to move-in to confirm the absence of active disease.

Prior to moving in, all documentation must be submitted by:

  • Mail: Esry Student Health Center, 4525 Downs Drive – Blum Union 203, St. Joseph, MO 64507 OR
  • Fax: (816) 271-4498 OR
  • Email:

Parking is available for both residential and commuter students. Your parking permit can be obtained by visiting the University Police Department in Blum 201.

Visit the University Police Department Office in Blum 201 to get your Student ID.

The Griffon Alert system is designed to enhance and improve communication so that all members of the Missouri Western campus community can stay informed in the event of an emergency or campus closure due to weather. The system is designed for students, staff and faculty only, but each student may add additional emails and phone numbers for family members who wish to receive alerts.

Sign-up for Griffon Alert

Be sure to purchase or rent your textbooks at the Missouri Western Bookstore before classes begin. Professors will expect you to have them on the first day of class, and may even assign reading.

Confused about the book-buying process? Learn more about the bookstore, discounts, applying book vouchers, and more in this presentation, or view this video to see how to order your books online.

Students with disabilities who encountered barriers to equal access and inclusion while attending high school may encounter similar barriers in the college environment as well. If you are a student with a disability who is anticipating barriers to full participation in the Griffon Orientation online module or live session,  contact the Accessibility Resource Center to request accommodations.

Accessibility Resource Center, Blum 234
Mike Ritter

COVID-19 Precautions

Your health and safety is of utmost importance to us. In order to keep you and our other visitors safe, Missouri Western staff will be wearing masks during registration and we ask that you wear one as well. If you are unable to bring a mask, disposable masks will be available for our Admissions visitors.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms : Cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever above 100.4, chills, repeated shaking with chills, runny nose or new sinus congestion, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, fatigue, new gastrointestinal symptoms, new loss of taste or smell, please call our office and we will work to accommodate your registration via phone and/or online.

Dates to Know:

  • January 13 – Walk-in Registration

  • January 19 – First Day of Classes

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