The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) requires that postsecondary institutions participating in federal student aid programs make certain disclosures to students. The following information is disclosed to you as a student at Missouri Western State University (MWSU) in compliance with federal law. For additional information, including requesting a paper copy of any materials, please call the appropriate office or visit the indicated websites.

Academic Programs and Accreditations

Current educational programs
Course descriptions
Degree and program requirements (listed by academic department)
Credentials of faculty and other instructional personnel
Program accreditation and approvals
Institutional accreditation information
Processes and procedures for transferring courses and credits to MWSU
Course by course University-approved articulations and program to program agreements
Academic governance policies and procedures

Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

The MWSU Alcohol and Other Drug Policy can be accessed at The Annual Security and Fire Report provides information about alcohol and other drug health risks, drug alcohol laws and penalties, and campus alcohol and other drug education and counseling resources. Additional information specifically addressing student conduct related to alcohol and other drugs can be found in the MWSU Student Handbook (

Campus Security Policies, Crime Statistics and Crime Log

Information regarding public safety at MWSU is provided in the Annual Security and Fire Report. The report includes crime statistics for the previous three years concerning certain crimes reported to have occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by MWSU; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus. The Campus Safety Report also includes information about police and public safety resources, reporting crimes, coordination between law enforcement agencies, fire and medical emergencies, crime prevention, victim support services, the law and MWSU policies, campus facilities, residence hall security, timely warning policy statement, the MWSU Policy on Sexual Harassment, and the MWSU Alcohol and Other Drug Policy. Pursuant to the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, MWSU’s statement advising the campus community about registered sex offenders is available in the Annual Security and Fire Report. To obtain a paper copy of the Security Report or the crime log, contact the Missouri Western State University Police Department at (816) 271-4438.

Complaint Resolution

Missouri Western State University is committed to delivering quality instruction and service. In doing so, the institution encourages members of the campus community, as well as all its many constituents, to report concerns and cases where university programs, policies and services need improvement. If you’d like to give feedback or have a concern to report, please visit

Constitution Day

Join Political Science professor Ed Taylor from the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities in celebrating Constitution Day, September 17, 2021, at noon in Blum 218/219. He will be discussing United States Supreme Court decisions that shaped our understandings of free speech in education settings.

Copyright Infringement and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policies and Sanctions

The above link provides information about MWSU policies and sanctions related to copyright infringement and unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing, including disciplinary action taken against students who engage in illegal downloading or unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials using MWSU information technology systems. The information also includes a notice that informs students that unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material may subject the students to civil and criminal liabilities. A summary of the penalties for violation of federal copyright laws is also provided.

Disability Services & Facilities

The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) works with faculty and staff to create an inclusive and accessible learning environment for students with disabilities. Faculty are encouraged to utilize principles of universal design of instruction supplemented with appropriate accommodations when necessary. The ARC staff work with students to create a letter outlining strategies for their instructors that will make course information, course delivery and course assessments accessible and inclusive to the student. The ARC supports collaboration by providing the necessary resources for students and instructors. The ARC also includes the Griffon Testing Center where students who need accommodated testing may be sent to take tests/exams. Visit the ARC homepage ( for additional information on services and resources available to students with disabilities.

Disclosure of Banking Relationships

Universities that disburse Title IV credit balance refunds and have a relationship with a bank that offers accounts directly to students are required to post their contracts for viewing by consumers. For more information use the following link:

Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations

Federal law provides that a student who has been convicted of an offense under any federal or state law involving the possession or sale of a controlled substance during a period of enrollment for which the student was receiving financial aid shall not be eligible to receive any federal or institutional grant, loan, or work assistance. The separate, written notice of the penalties for drug violations provided to students upon enrollment may be accessed at

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid website ( includes information about the following: need-based and non-need-based federal, state, local, private, and institutional financial assistance programs available to students; eligibility requirements and procedures for applying for aid; criteria for selecting recipients and determining amount of award; methods and frequency of disbursements of aid; financial aid terms and conditions, including terms applicable to employment provided as part of a financial aid package; rights and responsibilities of students receiving Title IV, HEA loans; the availability of financial aid for study abroad programs; how financial aid is handled when students withdraw; and whom to contact for questions regarding financial aid. Federal notices concerning the terms and conditions of federal student loans, entrance and exit counseling information, drug violation penalties, and the code of conduct for financial aid professionals are available by the respective link.

Graduation and Retention Rates (Student Right-to-Know Act)

Graduation data of degree-seeking, full-time undergraduate students at MWSU is available at
Academic Success Rate of Student Athletes – Missouri Western’s student athletes’ academic success rate data is summarized within the Division II reports.

Intercollegiate Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act)

The NCAA Gender Equity Survey includes the number of male and female student-athletes; listing of teams; the total number of participants. The report also includes operating expenses for each team; total amount of money spent for athletic aid for student-athletes; ratio of aid between male and female student-athletes; recruiting expenditures by sport; revenue generated by each sport; average salaries of head coaches and assistant coaches. You may obtain a copy of the survey by contacting the NCAA Compliance Office in Looney Complex 232.

Laboratories and other services associated with academic programs

Placement Rates and Information

The Student Success After Graduation report provides post-graduation outcomes of MWSU baccalaureate degree recipients. The report is prepared using information obtained annually from students who received a baccalaureate degree, offering a snapshot of their progress during the transition out of college.

Privacy of Student Records (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that gives students the right to review their education records, to request amendment of their records, to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information, and to file complaints with the U.S. Department of Education. Additional information regarding student rights under FERPA is available at If you have any questions about your rights under FERPA, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (816) 271-4211.

Refund Policy, Requirements for Withdrawal, and Return of Title IV, HEA Financial Aid

If a student withdraws or drops a course, MWSU will adhere to its refund policy. Information regarding the requirements and procedures for students seeking to withdraw officially is available at

Student Body Diversity

Information about student body diversity, including the number of enrolled full-time students by gender and race/ethnicity, is provided on the Institutional Research Data website ( The number of undergraduate students who receive a Federal Pell Grant is available at

Textbook Information/Required Course Materials

A detailed lists of required course materials is available at

Vaccination Policies

MWSU policies regarding vaccinations are available at

Voter Registration

Information on voting in local, state and federal elections may be accessed at