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Missouri Western State University has been designated by the State of Missouri as the official applied learning institution in the state. Applied learning refers to any activity outside of the classroom in which students use discipline-specific knowledge, including internships, practica, and student/faculty research. Undergraduate students who engage in applied learning get an education that better prepares them to enter the workforce or pursue graduate study. Because it is a scholarly pursuit for students, applied learning is naturally tied to faculty scholarly activities. In all disciplines, applied learning opportunities arise when students work alongside faculty mentors who are pursuing their own professional scholarship goals.

The journal is now indexed by ERIC and can be locate here: Volume 9 will soon be posted below. The CFP for Volume 10 will be released in early 2020. Authors do not have to present at the conference to submit. For information, please contact Dr. Christopher Bond at

Journal of Applied Learning in Higher Education

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The Journal of Applied Learning in Higher Education (JALHE) is an international and interdisciplinary journal serving the community of scholars engaged in applied learning at institutions of higher education. Its purpose is to advance scholarship on applied learning by providing an outlet for empirical, interpretive, and theoretical work related to this pedagogical practice.

The Journal of Applied Learning in Higher Education (JALHE), Volume 9, welcomes submissions that address the theme of Philosophical and Theoretical Concepts of Applied Learning. Additionally, submissions are welcomed that address an applied learning activity, community engagement or other applied learning research. More information on the journal submission process and the theme can be found at the CFP at the following link:

Those papers presented at our annual conference are encouraged to submit.

For questions regarding your submission, please contact the guest editor, Dr. Jason Costanzo at

Past Volumes:

Applied Learning Opportunities

The Applied Learning Fund is a source of financial assistance provided for Missouri Western students through the MWSU Foundation. This fund reimburses students for expenses incurred while presenting research and creative endeavors, participating in conferences, or other forms of applied learning. Funding is limited and will be awarded based upon availability. In order to apply, please complete the application form linked below and submit your materials via email to

Applied Learning Fund Application

Missouri Western State University offers all students who have completed research projects (Literature Reviews or Empirical Studies) during the last year to participate in a poster session. This poster session provides an excellent opportunity to share the results of your research with a varied audience. It also provides a chance to explore research in a variety of disciplines.

The Spring 2020 MRD is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14th from noon to 1:30pm in the Fulkerson Center.

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The Program of Research, Teaching, and Applied Learning (PORTAL) offers opportunities for faculty to engage during the summer in scholarly activities that directly provide credit-bearing applied learning experiences for students. The program is intended to contribute to the growing reputation of Missouri Western as the Applied Learning University in the state of Missouri. PORTAL is expected to increase the number of peer-reviewed publications, presentations, and exhibitions with student coauthors, to institutionalize summer student research and creative activity, to increase the number and quality of applied learning opportunities for students, and to improve the culture of peer-reviewed faculty scholarly achievement. PORTAL will serve as an umbrella for all summer Applied Learning activities at Western, including internships, practica, study away, and faculty/student research and creative projects regardless of the source of funding for those activities.

Applications are due before January 31, 2020.

Summer Stipends & Reports
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The 13th Annual Conference on Applied Learning in Higher Education (CALHE) will take place in St. Joseph, MO on April 2 & 3, 2020 on the campus of Missouri Western State University. The CFP can be accessed at The deadline is Sunday, February 15, 2020.

This year’s conference theme examines the “Best Practices of Applied Learning.” This broad theme should allow and encourage submissions of applied learning activities in all various forms. Submissions do not have to directly encompass the theme. We welcome submissions that may address an applied learning activity, community engagement or research, including theoretical and philosophical foundations of applied learning. More detailed submission information can be found at the CFP link above.

For more information about the conference, please contact the conference director, Dr. Christopher Bond, at (816) 261-5993 or email at

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