Missouri Western State University serves as the State’s Applied Learning Institution. As such we have made a commitment to engage 100% of our students in an applied learning experience prior to graduation.

At Missouri Western, applied learning is any activity in which students use course content, models, theories, and/or skills in real-world and/or hands-on settings to support career readiness. This includes a myriad of possibilities, such as: field trips, field work, internships, leadership, mentored research, performances, practica, course projects or activities, service learning, and student teaching.”
Missouri Western State University, Master Academic Plan, 2021

A robust set of criteria has been established to guide faculty and staff in the creation and implementation of applied learning experiences. One of the guiding principles in this set of criteria is that genuine applied learning experiences must be assessed and evaluated. The following set of institutional student learning outcomes guide this assessment and evaluation process and are based upon a Do – Reflect – Communicate process.

Students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate the appropriate use of their knowledge and skills in a professional application or environment.
  2. analyze their applied learning experience through reflection to demonstrate growth and lessons learned.
  3. summarize their applied learning experience through communication in an appropriate format

Updated 2/3/2023 Griffon Office of Applied Learning