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“You should keep an open mind when deciding what you want to do after graduation. You might discover that you really like an area during clinicals that you never thought you would. Also, get involved with your unit and hospital-wide committees and community service. It’s a great way to have your voice heard and to give back.”

Mary Beth Williams, Nursing

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“He was pursued by eight graduate schools from around the country because of his internship and research experience.”
David Freeman, Biology
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April discovered that receiving her Masters in Information Management – Enterprise Resource Planning would help her gain the competitive edge she was looking for.
April Beauford, Craig School of Business
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“Coming here will teach you how to think outside the box, how to stand on your own. Coming here will teach you how to become someone in your own way.”
Nah’Ryan Reed-Crawford, Accounting and Supply Chain Management
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“When you have connections with successful people, the sky’s the limit.”
Matthew Brimble, Accounting
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Working for the yearbook has provided Briana with experiences that she doesn’t believe she could have gotten at another university. One of the first stories Briana covered was about a mentalist that performed on campus. After the show, she was able to interview the mentalist and he chose to use some of her photos for promotion online. “I was able to get some of my work shown on Instagram,” she said. “It was a lot of exposure for me that I did not know would happen. I’m very thankful for that.”
Briana Reed, Journalism
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“When I go out in the ‘real world’ as a cinematographer, I’ll be able to work with the director, the script supervisor and anyone on the set. When they need help, I can work with them because of the experiences I have had at Missouri Western.”
Mary Couture, Cinema
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“The Craig School of Business opened a lot of doors for me. I would highly recommend it and the entrepreneur program.”
Stephanie Tripp, The Craig School of Business
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Rebecca has been accepted into the doctoral program for biophysics at Notre Dame University.
Rebecca Prest, Biology
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“The success I’ve managed to obtain as an undergraduate would not have been possible without the faculty at Missouri Western.”
Merle Phillips, Chemistry
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