student and professor burn grassland

As Missouri’s official applied learning university, Missouri Western wants you to have the flexibility for hands-on learning experiences while positioning you for success. We offer a four-day course schedule Monday through Thursday, reserving Fridays for applied learning and academic enrichment experiences as well as social and co-curricular events.

After the completion of the first semester of Gold Friday availability, we surveyed students and employees for their feedback on the initiative. The survey results show that Gold Friday is a highly popular initiative that gives students and employees many opportunities to engage in research, projects and campus activities.

What will you do with your Gold Fridays?

Not having to go to classes on Friday frees up an entire day for flexible learning opportunities. Meet and engage with faculty. Conduct research. Work with peers and mentors. Gain real-world experience at an internship. Focus on lab work or clinical practices. Take advantage of student services. Get involved in a club or organization. Earn money at your job. On Gold Fridays, you’ll have an opportunity you won’t find at any other Missouri university to apply what you are learning in meaningful ways.

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