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Alumni Adventures

03 Oct, 2019

Land of Egypt Tour


Please join the Alumni Association and Dr. Jimmy Albright for an unforgettable tour of Egypt. On May 20-31, 2020, we will spend 12 days touring "Ancient Egypt and the Nile River" from Cairo to Aswan. The cost of the trip is $4,299 per person. Included in the cost is: air ticket, touring, 4-star hotels, breakfast [...]

Land of Egypt Tour2019-10-03T12:28:49-05:00
23 May, 2019

Greece is the word Part 2


Max had a hard flight so, after dinner, Colleen went up to the rooftop bar and took a few pictures of Athens. Tomorrow we begin our trip in earnest with a cruise to Mikinos.  

Greece is the word Part 22019-05-23T12:07:28-05:00
23 May, 2019

Greece is the Word


Max surveys Athens from his hotel room We’ve arrived!  We landed in Athens around 10 am local time - that’s 2 am in St. Joseph. It was a 10 hour flight from Newark during which time, Max watched “Aquaman” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  After such a long flight, Max needed a quick nap. Now [...]

Greece is the Word2019-05-23T09:37:08-05:00
15 Nov, 2018

Greece and Greek Islands Tour: Ancient and Modern Greece


May 22 - June 1, 2019 You are invited to join us on the trip of a lifetime to Greece! Dr. Jimmy Albright and the Missouri Western State University Alumni Association will travel to Greece and the Greek Islands for an 11 day tour. Three days will include a cruise. Follow in the footsteps of [...]

Greece and Greek Islands Tour: Ancient and Modern Greece2018-12-06T15:42:10-06:00
20 Sep, 2018

Alumni Association to Travel to Greece


Travel to Greece with the Missouri Western Alumni Association and Dr. Jimmy Albright! We will spend 11 days visiting ancient sites such as the Parthenon, the Temple of Delphi, and the Temple of Apollo. We will also spend three days cruising the Greek islands of Mykonos, Ephesus and Santorini. Dr. Albright is hosting an information [...]

Alumni Association to Travel to Greece2018-10-08T15:42:08-05:00
02 Jun, 2018

Israel Adventure: Days 8 and 9


Yesterday, we ascended the Temple Mount for a view of the dome of the Rock. We continued to the Western Wall (or the Wailing Wall), the last remnant of King Solomon’s Temple. It was Bar Mitzvah day at the Wailing Wall and we saw several young boys celebrate this sacred event. We continued our journey [...]

Israel Adventure: Days 8 and 92018-10-05T21:19:41-05:00
30 May, 2018

Israel Adventure: Day 7


We began our day with a visit to Bethlehem and a tour of an olive wood carving factory. We, of course, went shopping before heading to the Church of the Nativity–the site where it is said that Jesus was born. From Bethlehem, we travelled to the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane. After [...]

Israel Adventure: Day 72018-10-05T21:18:39-05:00
27 May, 2018

Israel Adventure: Day 4


We traveled North today to the Lebanese border. Along the way, we stopped at the Mount of Beatitudes where it’s believed Jesus gave The Sermon on the Mount. We visited Tel Dan – the northernmost kingdom of Israel and the tribe of Dan. There was a quick stop at Caesarea Philippi to see the Temple [...]

Israel Adventure: Day 42018-10-04T17:25:58-05:00