There are many ways to show your Missouri Western pride by getting involved in an alumni committee. If you would like to join a committee, please email the Alumni Office.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers of the Alumni Association. The main duties of the Executive Committee are as follows:

  • Oversee all committees
  • Be responsible for board development
  • Establish the calendar of regular board meetings each year
  • Assist the Division of University Advancement with support and promotion of giving and scholarship opportunities
  • Assist the President and the Director of Alumni Services in planning and administering the business of the Association, review of by-laws and standing rules to determine if an ad hoc committee needs to be appointed for further action
  • Propose to the Alumni Association Board of Directors, yearly goals based on the Alumni Association’s strategic plan
  • Appoint appropriate ad hoc committees and committee chairs each year based on initiatives found in the Alumni Association’s strategic plan.

Estimated Time Commitment

10-15 hours per month depending on the activity or initiative

Alumni Chapters and Networks:

St. Joseph Alumni Chapter

Kansas City Alumni Chapter

St. Louis Alumni Chapter

Forever Griffons Alumni Chapter

Future Griffs Alumni Network

Craig School of Business Alumni Network

Black Alumni Network

Band Alumni

GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade)

Steering Committees

Chapter and network steering committees work with the Alumni Office to determine events and programs which are designed to build pride and interest in the University as well as deepen relationships between alumni. The main duties of a chapter and network steering committee members are as follows:

  • Identify appropriate social and/or informative events for alumni in the region or constituency group
  • Determine which events will be free of charge or will have an admittance fee
  • Attend events
  • Identify key potential volunteers
  • Assist in creating an involvement plan for those identified
  • Meet regularly especially prior to events/programs

Estimated Time Commitment

5-10 hours per month depending on the activity or initiative


Each steering committee will recruit volunteers to work on an event or initiative. Examples of volunteer opportunities are as follows:

  • Contact – Volunteers will invite other alumni to attend via phone call, e-mail, or social media. We encourage all volunteers to post on their personal social media accounts that they plan to attend an event
  • Hospitality – Volunteers will set up, take down and/or serve as registration table hosts during event (registration table hosts are normally done in shifts so that everyone can enjoy the event)
  • Event photographer – Volunteers will take candid photos during event and post and tag to social media
  • Follow up – Volunteers will call attendees and thank them for attending the event

Estimated Time Commitment

2-5 hours per month depending on the activity or initiative

  • Homecoming – Serving on the Alumni Homecoming Committee, serving as a registration table host at one of our regular reunions or events, helping to plan a reunion
  • Commencement – Serving at the Commencement receptions as a table host, mingle with new alumni
  • Alumni Scholarship Review Committee – Review student scholarship applicants (electronically) and help to choose scholarship recipients
  • Alumni Admissions Recruitment Team – This is currently being piloted in Kansas City only. Volunteers on the Alumni Admissions Recruitment Team will sign pre-printed post cards welcoming accepted high school students into the Griffon family