Four faculty members in the Department of Communication and Journalism made presentations at the annual conference of the National Communication Association in Baltimore. Dr. David McMahan, Dr. Shawna Harris, Dr. Mei Zhang, and Dr. Jordan Atkinson presented a variety of research papers and discussion panels at this prestigious conference.


Dr. McMahan, the second vice president of NCA, participated in a host of meetings to prepare for the NCA Conference he is planning next year, in addition to presenting on the Mark L. Knapp panel honoring Steve Duck.


Dr. Harris presented a research paper, co-authored with Dr. Linda Oakleaf and Michael Sewell (2019 MWSU graduate), about face concerns in sexual conversations.


Dr. Zhang presented research about the Association of Chinese Communication Studies.


Dr. Atkinson presented research, co-authored with Elijah Smith (2018 MWSU graduate) and Gannon Cornley (2019 MWSU graduate), about college student burnout and communication outcomes. Dr. Atkinson also presented about teaching communication courses online and will begin his tenure as the Secretary of the Instructional Development Division.


Missouri Western was well represented at NCA in Baltimore!