Welcome to 2020, we hope your new is year off to a great start!

The Career Development Center team has been busy settling into our new location in Blum Student Union, Suite 210 over the past couple of weeks and we look forward to the return of students on campus.

With the start of the spring semester, we would encourage you to continue to have engaging and supportive conversations with your students to help guide them along their career journey whether they may be completing another year of college or preparing to graduate in May 2020. Remind them, that now is the time to begin thinking about part-time summer jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships or full-time career opportunities and should they need assistance, we are always here to help!


  1. If they haven’t visited the Career Development Center encourage them to do so

We offer a variety of career development and job-search resources including:

  • Mock interviews
  • A network of alumni and friends willing to provide mentorship and job search assistance
  • Tools to write winning resumes and cover letters
  • Career coaching


  1. Encourage your student to develop a resume or if they already have one completed make sure it is


Resumes are often the first impression a potential employer has of a candidate. Suggest your student use a sample resume from our website to develop their own document. Afterwards, review their resume with them and provide suggestions – but encourage them to have the final version critiqued by our office.


  1. Have your student complete a career personality assessment

If your student seems unsure of their direction, you should consider sharing with them the personality qualities you see as their strongest talents or attributes. You can also encourage your student to:

  • Take a career personality test, such as Traitify: https://missouriwestern.traitify.com
  • Talk to supervisors or faculty members
  • Research potential career fields and employers. O*Net is a great resource provided by the government to help individuals find occupations in multiple industries: