Dear Griffon families,


There is much excitement here on the campus of Missouri Western State University. Thank you again for entrusting us with the education of your student. 


Missouri Western is working very hard to address the challenges and opportunities facing higher education. We continue to strive to prepare our graduates to enter the workforce with readily-applicable skills using innovative approaches that meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional students. Over the past several weeks, we have announced several innovative initiatives coming in fall 2020 that will benefit your students. 


First, we announced our new Center for Service. Through our Center for Service, your student will be able to obtain college credit towards their degree at no cost in exchange for validated community service. For every 40 hours of service learning (up to 120 hours), the University will award them one credit towards a degree. In essence, your student can obtain up to three academic credits (valued at approximately $1000) for completing 120 hours of service learning. Through this program, not only can your student make an impact in the community, but your student will be able to develop communication, networking, leadership, teamwork, planning, time management, problem solving, adaptability, interpersonal and industry-related skills.  


Second, we recently announced our new Gold Fridays program that focuses on applied learning, enhanced opportunities, and student success. This is not a cost-savings initiative. Rather, we are excited to offer our students flexibility and the ability to engage in a wide range of Friday programming and activities, including:


  • Internships, externships, other work opportunities
  • Research and lab work
  • Advising, tutoring, and academic preparation
  • Interaction with professors and collaboration with peers
  • Community service
  • Career fairs and events, networking opportunities and career advising
  • Co-curricular and club activities
  • Time for scheduling job interviews, work shifts and health appointments
  • Rehearsal time for performing arts groups
  • Athletics, ROTC, other university activities and commitments
  • Company visits and other related activities


We are very excited about these initiatives and several others that will be announced over the next several months. What an exceptional time to be a Griff! On behalf of the University, we want to extend our gratitude for supporting your student and the University.  



President Matthew Wilson signature

 President Matt Wilson