Joint Services Transcript

Veterans or current members of the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy or Coast Guard may request a copy of their Joint Services Transcript (JST) directly from the Operations Center. The transcript provides the course description, recommended credit from ACE, and course level. Air Force members may request a copy of their Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript directly from the CCAF and it will be evaluated by Missouri Western for course equivalencies.

All credit at the lower and upper division level will be transcripted. General studies equivalents are identified and all other coursework is considered free electives. Veterans with at least 30 credits from military training may use these credits as the base for a Missouri Western Bachelor of Science in Technology (BST) degree. Veterans with fewer than 30 military credits may combine military credits and other technical or applied coursework to meet the 30 credit minimum for the BST. Credit identified as vocational-technical in nature will not be transcripted, however, exceptions may be approved for specific programs, or degrees (such as the BST degree), through articulated agreements, or by approval of the appropriate academic department chair, dean or and the Admissions and Graduation Committee.

Physical Education Credit

Students who have completed a minimum of one year of active military service or have completed three years in the Guard/Reserves will be granted four hours of physical education credit. The general education credit will be granted upon presentation of the DD-214 or letter from Commanding Officer stating initial enlistment date and current military status. This documentation should be submitted to the Admissions Office (Eder Hall 101).

Bachelor of Science in Technology

30 hours of credits based on military training (as recommended by the American Council on Education) can be applied to a Bachelor of Science in Technology (BST) degree. More information about the BST degree can be found here.

General Education Mobile (GEM)

Veterans or current members of the United States Air Force may submit an official transcript from the Community College of the Air Force, along with a DD-214 copy. The Office of Admissions will review the official transcripts for evaluation of credits.

(Missouri Western also participates in the GEM program and offers general education courses that can apply to your CCAF associate degree. Click here for more information.)