The Bachelor of Science in Technology (BST) is customizable and allows you to build on prior credit to earn a bachelor’s degree with a career-oriented emphasis. The degree is designed in collaboration with academic advisors.

The BST is made up of three parts: transfer credits, general education courses, and a custom concentration.

*Transfer credits must be either be from a regionally accredited college/university OR military credit recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE).

An AAS/AS degree, applied coursework or military training can serve as the base of a BST. Upon this base, a concentration is built. This concentration may include any combination of courses as long as the combination is educationally sound and has a cohesive theme supporting a career goal. The concentration must include at least 30 credits, including at least 18 upper-level credits.

Sample Concentrations
Population Health

The provided sample concentration models are starting points to help you think about possible concentrations for the Bachelor of Science in Technology. A concentration can include any combination of courses that fit together into an academically logical pattern that supports a defined educational/career goal. An academic advisor will work with you to develop a proposal that will then be reviewed by department chair and college dean. Approval will be based on the relationship of the proposed concentration to your educational/career objective.

Missouri Western offers more than 300 courses online. Several minors and some majors can be completed entirely online. In addition, members of the air force may complete their GEM requirements through online courses at Missouri Western.

Please visit the course schedule to search for courses offered online in the current or upcoming semester.

The Bachelor of Science in Technology degree allows military students to apply 30 ACE credits directly to the major.

Bachelor of Science in Technology

The BST is completely customizable and should be built around your prior course credits and career goals. Virtually any combination of courses can work as a BST, provided it forms a coherent major and aligns with your career goals. Click here to view the course requirements in the MWSU Catalog and please see the BST advisor for help in planning your unique BST.