Name: Will Carter
Major: Bachelor of General Studies

In 2014, student athlete Will Carter was busy balancing his college career and playing on the Griffon baseball team. That’s when life threw Will a curve ball, when he was diagnosed with cancer and he had to put aside his college dreams with only a few hours left to graduate.

Last year, Eric Kramer, his former athletic advisor at Missouri Western, called Will to see if he had considered finishing his degree through Missouri Western’s Bachelor of General Studies program. He knew Will had a full-time job, a daughter and other obligations and thought the flexibility of the BGS program would be a good fit.

Will is currently a part-time, online Missouri Western student. “These programs are fantastic,” he says. “It is a great school to go and get an education. They try to help you and give you a chance to achieve at the highest level.”

Will plans to use his Bachelor of General Studies degree to help him advance in his current job as well as show his daughter the importance of sticking to your dreams to achieve your goals. In all of the struggles and successes that Will has had, both academically and professionally, Will believes that he can provide his daughter with perspectives that many other fathers do not have. He owes this ability to his support system of friends, family and Missouri Western.

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