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Name: Bridget Blevins
Major: Bachelor of General Studies

After high school, Bridget Blevins earned an associate’s degree from Highland Community College, and then transferred to Missouri Western to pursue a degree in communication. While at Missouri Western, she began working for the local news station, KQTV, and discovered that the demands of a full-time job in media made it nearly impossible to take classes as well.

Bridget put her education on hold to pursue her career, but eventually discovered not having a bachelor’s degree was holding her back. She returned to Missouri Western in 2015 to earn her Bachelor of General Studies degree, a unique program that is designed to help students with some college credit craft a general degree to maximize their existing credit hours and graduate sooner.

“Finishing my degree at Missouri Western gave me the opportunity to get a job that could be another long-term career for me,” relates Bridget. “I was able to find success and work my way up in my first career, but getting that degree was about finishing what I started. I was really proud.”

With her bachelor’s degree, Bridget found a new career. She became director of communications for the St. Joseph School District, then external relations administrator for Omaha Public Schools.