Financial Aid

Veteran's Services

Missouri Western currently serves more than 300 veterans, dependents and currently serving service-members attending classes and receiving veteran benefits.

Students at MWSU who intend to receive VA benefits should contact the Missouri Western State Univeristy School Certifying Official in the Financial Aid Office, Eder Hall, Room 103, (816) 271-4507.

Veterans benefit allowances, Veterans Administration programs and policies, and Missouri Western State University procedures frequently change. To obtain current information about VA benefits, your eligibility for benefits, rate and method of payment or the address of the nearest regional office, call 1-888-442-4551 or refer to the GI Bill website.

Services Provided
Students may obtain the following services from this office: certification of enrollment for educational benefits; referrals for tutorial assistance; referrals for counseling for financial, personal, vocational, and academic problems; veterans work study job information; information about changes in legislative regulations which affect veterans; and information about MWSU procedures. The School Certifying Official also acts as a direct liaison between Missouri Western State University and the Veterans Administration Regional Office in St. Louis regarding payment of benefits.
Required Military Forms
Those veterans having served active duty should present a copy of separation papers, form DD-214, with the application for benefits. Members of the National Guard or Selective Reserves should submit a “Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE)”, form DD-2384, and a copy of the Kicker Contract, if applicable, with the benefits application.
Using GI Bill Money To Pay Your Tuition
Initial applications take the Veterans Administration 6-8 weeks to process. In general, the first GI Bill check can be expected approximately 8 weeks after the first day of class. A payment plan may be set up with the MWSU Business Office (Eder Hall, Room 104) if payment of tuition and fees is reliant on receipt of the GI Bill.
MWSU Credit for Military Service
Students who have completed a minimum of one year of active military service or have completed three years in the Guard/Reserves will be granted 4 hours of physical education credit. The general education credit will be granted by the Registrar's Office upon presentation of the DD-214 or a letter from Commanding Officer stating initial enlistment date and current military status.
Missouri Returning Heroes' Education Act
On August 28, 2008, the Missouri Returning Heroes' Education Act (Senate Bill 830) became law. This law requires Missouri state institutions to offer reduced tuition at $50 per credit hour to qualified combat duty veterans. For more information on program qualifications and eligibility requirements, please select Missouri Returning Heroes or contact the School Certifying Official in the Financial Aid Office, Eder Hall, Room 103 (816-271-4507).

TA DECIDE is a dynamic information and comparison tool is designed specifically to aide participants of DoD’s Tuition Assistance (TA) program in making informed choices on schools and education programs.

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