Does your student have big plans for the summer? Carving out just a few hours a week to volunteer can open doors that you and your student may have never considered. Here are four motivations for your student to “serve through the summer.”

  1. Support the community – whether in St. Joseph for the summer or heading home, communities are strongest when residents show up to support each other. Oftentimes the “need” is hiding in plain sight. Areas of need could include homelessness, food insecurity, education and literacy, children and youth, animal welfare, families/crisis care, special needs children and adults.
  2. Applied learning – Volunteerism is an excellent way to add some applied learning experience to your student’s resume, such as the opportunity to create a network of individuals who can help them grow personally and professionally; demonstrate the awareness, attitude, knowledge and skills to engage and inclue those who are different than your student; gain valuable critical thinking skills to identify needs and help to engage in solutions.
  3. Helping others is good for the soul – Volunteerism is an incredible way to improve mental, physical and emotional health.
  4. Pick up a general elective (for FREE!) – Through the Center for Service, students can earn up to three free elective credits by volunteering. Visit our website to learn more and to get your student started on their volunteer journey.

Missouri Western strives to create multiple opportunities for applied learning. Being involved with community service is just one element of developing a well-rounded individual who is workplace-ready upon graduation. Encouraging your student to serve over the summer is a great way to light that volunteer spirit. Maybe you can join your student and make the impact even greater for your community.