As students begin to return to campus from break, remind them of the importance of signing up for Griffon Alert. Click here for information on Griffon Alert.


Griffon Alert Emergency Notification System is a comprehensive, redundant emergency notification system at Missouri Western. The system is activated by the Missouri Western Police Department and is designed to be used for emergencies on campus that affect or could affect multiple persons and/or cause significant infrastructure or property damage.


Griffon Alert will be used for tornado warnings, bomb threats or other emergency evacuations, active shooter on campus, shelter-in-place due to outdoor hazards, campus closing, classes cancelled due to weather or other circumstances, an all-clear declaration and testing of the system.


Along with text messaging and emailing, Griffon Alert consists of alert beacons, PA systems and light strobes across campus. In an emergency situation, Griffon Alert will also send voice messages to specified phones across campus.


Emergency actions requested by Griffon Alert should be followed by all faculty, staff, students and visitors until an all-clear is issued. All components of the Griffon Alert System will be used to announce the all clear for any major emergency.