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Help Students Manage Stress

/Help Students Manage Stress

Now that we are reaching the final stretch of the semester, stress increases greatly for many students. Here a few tips to help your student manage their stress levels.

If your student calls home because they are anxious and upset about their academics, remain calm and encouraging. Let them know that you believe in them and that they have your support. Remind them that their hard work will pay off.

Remind your student that it is okay to ask for help. Whether they need help in academics or with their stress levels and mental health, there are many free and low-cost resources available on campus including the Esry Student Health Center, Student Success and Academic Advising Center, Center for Academic Support and the Counseling Center.

Send your student a finals week survival kit. Everyone loves getting mail from home, especially when it is a special reminder that someone is thinking about them and encouraging them through finals week. You can include healthy snacks, tea, stress toys, their favorite DVD and a letter letting them know they have your love and support.

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