Title IX Policies & Procedures

Student Training


Missouri Western State University engages in comprehensive educational programming to prevent domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment and stalking. The University promotes student health and safety through the use of a mandatory online training program for all new incoming students, transfer students, and student returning to their studies from a time prior to the Fall 2015 semester. A link to the course will be sent to students via their Missouri Western State University email.

As specific titles and programs may change from year to year, this mandatory training program will, at a minimum, cover the following topics:

  1. Identifies domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking as prohibited conduct under university policy;
  2. Defines what behavior constitutes domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault, sexual harassment and stalking in federal and state laws in Missouri;
  3. Defines what behavior and actions constitute consent to sexual activity in the state of Missouri;
  4. Provides safe and positive options for bystander intervention that may be carried out by an individual to prevent harm or intervene when there is a risk of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment or stalking against a person other than the bystander;
  5. Provides information on risk reduction so that students and employees may recognize warning signs of abusive behavior and how to avoid potential attacks;
  6. Provides information on campus and outside resources, reporting options and procedures for making a complaint; and
  7. Provides an overview of information contained in the Annual Security Report in compliance with the Clery Act.


The required online awareness and prevention training is applied to all incoming, transfer, and returning degree seeking students who have not yet completed it.


To ensure that students complete the online course, registration holds will be placed on the student’s account three weeks prior to the first registration date for the following semester or term. The hold will be released within 24 hours of completing the course.

The Title IX Coordinator will notify students, via their Missouri Western State University email, of this requirement before the course is made available to them, and again before the registration holds are placed on students who have yet completed the course. Students will be sent automatic email reminders to complete the course.


Student employees will be presented an additional online module on an annual basis that covers the above-listed topics as well as information on their reporting responsibilities as employees.


Students who may have experienced sexual violence and believe this training may be harmful to their well-being may be exempted from the training by contacting the Counseling Center (816-271-4327) to schedule an appointment with a Counselor. During this time, the student will review highlights of the Missouri Western State University Sexual Misconduct Policy, while learning about helpful campus and community resources, within a confidential setting.


Students with disabilities who find this training to be inaccessible, please contact the Title IX Coordinator (816-271-4432, amcgowan@missouriwestern.edu) to request an accessible format.