Temporary Parking: Students, staff and faculty members, who have a currently registered vehicle (Missouri Western Vehicle Registration) and whose circumstances have forced them to drive a substitute vehicle, are eligible for temporary parking permission through the Police Department.

One day parking permission may be obtained by contacting the Police Department by phone (271-4438) between 8:00 AM and midnight (Monday through Friday) and providing the appropriate information (individual’s name, Missouri Western G#, vehicle make, model, year, color, license number and location of parking.

Vehicle parking permissions for more than one day, up to seven (7) calendar days, may also be obtained through the Police Department. However, the individual must go to the Police Department (Blum 201), during regular business hours, with the appropriate information (individual’s name, SSN, vehicle make, model, year, color, license number, location on campus and required time frame) and obtain a temporary parking permit. The Police Department will issue a temporary parking permit, which must be placed in the person’s vehicle, in a manner prescribed by the MWSU Police Department.

IMPORTANT: Students, staff or faculty members, who require temporary parking permission more than three times in a given semester, will be required to register another vehicle through the regular vehicle registration process as an additional or replacement vehicle.

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