Partners in PreventionPartners in Prevention (PIP) is Missouri’s higher education substance abuse consortium, comprised of 21 public and private college and university campuses across the state. Founded in 2000, PIP strives to curb high-risk drinking among college students in the state of Missouri.

The Missouri Western PIP staff members are located in the counseling center and the campus police department. Interested students and staff are encouraged to help develop and participate in PIP activities. Contact Katie Jeffers, counselor, Eder 203, 816-271-5994 for more information.

<!–Each year PIP implements the Missouri Assessment of College Health Behaviors survey (MACHB) to gauge health behaviors and knowledge of students.  The MACHB is an on-line, anonymous survey covering issues related to college student health, given to a random sample of students at the PIP schools. These data are used to design prevention programming on the various campuses.

2015 PIP SCHOOLS MACHB RESULTS: Students younger than 21 2012 2015
Consumed alcohol in past 30 days 53% 56%
Drove after drinking in past year 16% 20%
Did poorly on test due to alcohol use 10% 7%

The above table shows data from all respondents under the age of 21, including non-drinkers.  Decreases can be seen in the negative behaviors represented in the table.  Most notably, there was a 30% reduction in students doing poorly on a test or assignment as a result of their drinking.–>

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