Suicide Prevention:

Ask Listen Refer: MWSU Suicide Prevention Training Program

Emotional Support Groups:

  • Mourning Star:  (Loss of a Child Support Group)
    Green Valley Baptist Church
    3110 Cook Rd.
    St. Joseph, MO   64506
    First Wednesday of the month from 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.,
    Contact: Janis Consolver at 816-596-0123 and Kristina Kelley.
  • Grief & Loss Support:  Open to anyone grieving a loss.   Call Sister Barb Conroy with Hands of Hope Hospice @ 816-271-7190 before attending.
  • Widowed Too Young:  For those 60 and younger that have lost a spouse.  Call Sister Susan Holmes with Hands of Hope Hospice @ 816-271-7190.
  • Out of the Darkness:  A group for those who have lost loved ones to suicide, 6:30 pm, Wyatt Park Christian Church, 27th and Mitchell, 232-3374.  Meet the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Sexual Assault/Domestic Abuse Support Groups:

Women’s Domestic Violence Support Group (only for women staying at the shelter) YWCA, 232-4481.

Shyness Resources:


Drive Safe, Drive Smart Awareness:

Drive Safe Drive Smart

Test Anxiety:

  • What is test anxiety
    • It’s being so afraid of, or worried about a test, that the performance suffers.
  • Effects of test anxiety
    • grades
    • body, such as headache, or stomach upset (butterflies)
    • mind, such as feeling panic, anger, depression, or memory lapses
  • Some common explanations
    • poor study habits
    • fearing failure
    • comparing yourself to others
    • worrying about the future
  • How to prepare
    • take part in every class
    • keep up with assignments
    • ask questions if you are confused about a concept, or idea
    • take notes, and review them
    • talk to your professor early, find out what the format of the test is, or the material that might be presented, or even practice tests
  • Make a study plan
    • schedule short blocks of study time
    • study in a well-lit spot, with no noise
    • flash cards, outlines, or charts can help retain information.

By-stander effect:  The by-stander effect is when a situation occurs where there is potential harm to an individual, people in groups are less likely to assist, as opposed to a single individual exposed to the situation.

Here are a few videos from YouTube for examples:

Girl being abducted:
Man very sick and in distress:


Ninety-nine percent of MWSU students have felt some stress in the past two weeks.

Eighty-eight percent indicated the source of their stress was either school or academics.

Thirty-nine percent indicated that they coped with stress by taking a nap/sleeping.

MWSU PIP Contact

Katie Jeffers