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It seems these drugs are common among “study” habits reported by some students, however they still pose harm to the body, and are amphetamine-based, which means the body can become dependent on them, thus habit forming. With this, students are willing to lean more with tutors, and prepare more in advance for tests, and exams weeks.

Student Cautions Others from NPR

One college senior recalls using Adderall frequently during her freshman and sophomore years.

“I started to notice my own addictive behaviors,” she says, adding that she began using the drug more and more. “The more you use it, the more you want to use more of it.”

She knew she was becoming addicted and that she wouldn’t be able to afford her habit. So she decided to stop using Adderall. “It takes away your own coping skills and your own ability to evolve your own study skills and work ethic. So it’s kind of an easy way out.” And she says it made her feel “like a lesser person,” relying on the drug to do well. During her last two years of college, she says, she’s stayed away from Adderall — and had gotten good grades.

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Eighty percent of MWSU students have not used marijuana in the past year.
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