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Online Crime Report

For a crime in progress, call (816) 271-4438

The Missouri Western State University Police Department prefers that any crime committed be reported. However, this online report is for insurance and information purposes only.

This is not an emergency response system. If you need to speak with an officer in person you may contact the Police Department, located in the Student Union Building Room 201, or by phone at (816) 271-4438.

How this information is used

Information obtained by this report may assist in preventing future crimes by analyzing trends, locations, and times of violations. It may also assist in the identification and return of stolen property recovered as the result of other investigations.

If you require a case number or copy of the report please contact the MWSU Police Department. Your report will normally be processed within 72 business hours.

Certain user information is recorded in order to aid in the prosecution of false police reports.

Be advised that it is a crime to make a false police report. Anyone found to have submitted a false police report could be prosecuted under the authority of Missouri State Statute RSMO 575.080.

If you would like to remain anonymous
File anonymously online

If you would like to remain anonymous you can do so by filling in “anonymous” in the Personal Information section below.

File anonymously over the phone

If you do not wish to file an anonymous online report, you can call the Crime information line at (816) 271-5600, and leave anonymous information about a crime.

The Police Department would like to remind you that, although obtaining any information about a crime is good, anonymous information may not be sufficient enough for follow-up investigations or prosecution.

Online Crime Report


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