Faculty and Staff
All Faculty and Staff must notify either the Parking and Security Office or the University Police Department if they are entering a building outside the normal business hours of 8am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.

  • All Faculty and Staff in buildings after normal business hours should visibly display their University issued ID.  If ID is not displayed it must be within reasonable distance of your person.
  • Access to buildings during periods when campus is closed (breaks, holidays, weather cancellations) for Faculty and Staff without keys will only be granted if circumstances are of significant importance.

Student Access Program
Students must have a valid building (room) pass with a Missouri Western Student ID or authorization from the Chief of Police, or designee, with appropriate information. The Student Access Program is as follows:

  • The pass must be written in all one color and one hand, must be issued for the room the student wishes to be in and must be valid for the date of occurrence.
  • Passes that are outdated, the wrong color or appear to be altered in any way will be confiscated by the Officer (Intern) and access to the room may be denied.
  • The color of the passes will change at the beginning of the fall, spring and summer semesters.
  • The Fall Pass will be good from the first day of a fall semester through the last day campus is open before Christmas Break.
  • Student access is not permitted in locked buildings or rooms during the Christmas Break or whenever the Campus is closed (holidays, snow days, etc.).
  • Spring Semester Passes are good from the first day of the spring semester through the last day of Spring finals.
  • Summer Semester Passes are good from the first day of Summer semester up to the first day of Fall Semester.
  • The date on a pass supersedes the color of the pass.
  • Regular student access passes are good only during the times of 0800 to midnight on the date(s) stated on the pass.
  • Students may be allowed access to buildings (rooms) by way of postings on the R25 Web-viewer.
  • Students may be allowed access to buildings (rooms) by way of verbal or E-mail confirmation of permission as authorized by the Chief of Police, or designee.

After Hours Passes
Also known as 24 hour passes. After hours passes are subject to the following rules:

  • May only be issued by the Chair of the Department or by the Dean over the Department.
  • May only be issued for a 5 day period.