Griffon Alert

Voice Messaging

When Griffon Alert is activated, voice messages are sent to specified phones within each department on campus, to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phones in all classrooms on campus and to selected key personnel phones. The voice messages will deliver a similar message to that sent to those who’ve signed up for the text message and e-mail alert portion of Griffon Alert. Faculty, staff, student staff and persons receiving the voice alerts should re-think the way we answer our phones. Because this system is computer generated, there are initial and other delays when receiving the message. This is much the same as telemarketing programs that many get accustomed to hanging up on. If you are answering a phone that could receive a Griffon Alert message, the message will have a long pause and then state “Griffon Alert”, pause and then the message will be heard. The system will also ask for you to acknowledge receipt of the message by pressing the # key. When answering a listed phone, be patient, wait for the message and acknowledge.

VOIP phones in the classroom may also be used for emergency outbound calls only by dialing 911. This will connect with the St. Joseph Police Department Communications Center for Fire, EMS and Missouri Western Police dispatch. The outbound features of this phone are restricted to 911 calls.


Emergency actions requested by Griffon Alert should be followed by all faculty, staff, students and visitors until an ALL CLEAR is issued. All components of the Griffon Alert System will be used to announce the ALL CLEAR for any major emergency.