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Dr. Tilottama Roy, Assistant Professor

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Dr. Tilottama Roy has been at MWSU since 2017. Her research interests include understanding evolutionary origins and relationships among plants, as well as other organisms, with ecological and economic importance, including investigating their systematics/phylogenetics, speciation, and diversification processes.

Survey of the plankton in the MWSU ponds

Undergraduate research delving deeper into understanding the evolutionary relationships within and among the different cladocerans (minute crustaceans, including Daphnia, commonly known as the water fleas) in the eight MWSU ponds.

Researching mints and false foxgloves

Investigating the phylogeny and biogeography (evolutionary relationships and diversification) of two ecologically and economically interesting plant groups: the Lamioid mints (Family: Lamiaceae) and the North American Agalinis (“False foxgloves”-Family: Orobanchaceae).

Creating a centralized database of biology and paleontology teaching specimens

Well preserved biological specimens preserve the past and can lead to a journey of discovery across time, enabling students towards understanding organismal form and function. The biology department at MWSU has an excellent preserved biological specimen collection, utilized towards teaching and scholarly purposes by faculty and students alike. This project seeks to involve undergraduate students towards organizing and cataloging these specimens so that we have a centralized database, easily accessible not only to people at MWSU, but also to the community in general through online links provided on the MWSU website.

Utilizing biological specimen collections in biology courses

The aim is to delve deeper into understanding how the use of these biological specimens are acting as tools, helping students towards better learning and retention in those courses. Student data will be collected and evaluated towards this aspect and involve undergraduate students to compile that data and prepare a manuscript to submit to a peer reviewed journal for publication.

From Viruses to Insects: A Freshwater Biodiversity Survey

This research will use traditional and molecular tools to sample and categorize the biological entities in the freshwater environments that occur on the Missouri Western State campus. Students that work on this project will gain lab and field experience as well as experience working with large, complicated sets of data.

This project is a collaborative effort between the labs of Dr. Elias, Dr. Ganong, Dr. Grantham, Dr. Mills, and Dr. Roy.

Dr. Tilottama Roy

About Dr. Tilottama Roy

Ph.D., Biological Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo

M.S., Biology, University of South Dakota

M.S., Agriculture, University of Calcutta

B.S., Botany, Presidency College (University of Calcutta)

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Agenstein 237F

4525 Downs Drive
Saint Joseph, MO 64507