Dr. Karen Koy, Associate Professor

(816) 271-4436 | kkoy@missouriwestern.edu

Dr. Koy has been at MWSU since 2008. Her research interests include taphonomy, evolution, ichnology, and education.

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Creating a centralized database of biology and paleontology teaching specimens

This project is a collaborative effort with Dr. Karen Koy and Dr. Tilottama Roy. Natural history collections preserve an extensive record of life and form the basis of our understanding of biodiversity on our planet. We are interested in elucidating how the utilization of these well-preserved biological specimens in our undergraduate biology courses improves student learning. Just like the other projects, undergraduate students form an integral part of this initiative.

Requirements: Passing grade in any Biology or Earth Science course.

Taphonomy of Modern Vertebrate Fauna

A long-term research project evaluating the rate and types of weathering experienced by bones from different species and age groups of animals. Focused mainly on domestic species such as pigs, chickens, and geese. This research leads to better understanding of how weathering processes in the past have affected the continental fossil record, and therefore the understanding of how life has changed over time.

Requirements: completion of at least one biology or earth science course and an interest in paleontology or archeology.

Hands-On Learning in Undergraduate Education

This research explores hands-on learning and best practices in science education. This research includes developing or modifying laboratory or in-class activities for Earth Science courses.

Dr. Karen Koy

About Dr. Karen Koy

Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago

M.S., Geology, Indiana University-Indianapolis Campus

B.S., Paleobiology, Bowling Green State University

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