Dr. Aracely A. Newton, Assistant Professor

(816) 271-4383 | anewton4@missouriwestern.edu

Dr. Aracely Newton has been at MWSU since 2019. Her research interests include behavioral genetics, developmental biology, evolution, and neurobiology.

Aracely Newton working in the lab at Missouri Western with Max the Griffon on her shoulder

Using Fruit Flies to Study Behavior and Neurodegeneration

Our group is interested in the genetics of behavior. The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster is a great tool to find genes, and lots of mutant flies have been made in research laboratories that answer important questions about the connections between genes and behavior.

We are interested in wild populations of flies that naturally act “unusual.” Surprisingly, some of these actions are similar to mutants generated in the lab. What advantage do they provide, if any? And which genes are responsible?

Requirements: A strong interest in genetics, behavior, or molecular biology. 

Aracely Newton

About Dr. Aracely A. Newton

Ph.D., Physiology, University of Kansas and Stowers Institute for Medical Research

B.S., Biology, B.S., Chemistry, University of Missouri

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Agenstein 232D

4525 Downs Drive
Saint Joseph, MO 64507