Dr. Aracely A. Newton, Assistant Professor

(816) 271-4383 | anewton4@missouriwestern.edu

Dr. Aracely Newton has been at MWSU since 2019. Her research interests include behavioral genetics, developmental biology, evolution, and neurobiology.

Aracely Newton working in the lab at Missouri Western with Max the Griffon on her shoulder

Studying Insect-Plant Behavior in
the John Rushin Prairie

Our group is interested in understanding the genetics of behavior. Insects and other arthropods are excellent organisms to use for studying behavior because they are relatively easy to access and study. Many insects also have host plants on which they feed and deposit offspring.
These host plants often influence the insects’ behavior.

Our studies take place on the John Rushin Prairie, a 36-acre restored prairie located on Missouri Western’s campus. This prairie was established in 2020 and is a community-wide effect to grow plants that are native to the Midwest, including grasses and wildflowers. We are currently studying the relationships between insects native to prairielands and their host plants. Our goal is to better understand the complex relationships between host plants and insects, and better understand how the plant influences the behavior of insects.

Research Requirements: A strong interest in genetics, behavior, or ecology

Aracely Newton

About Dr. Aracely A. Newton

Ph.D., Physiology, University of Kansas and Stowers Institute for Medical Research

B.S., Biology, B.S., Chemistry, University of Missouri

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Agenstein 232D

4525 Downs Drive
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