Griffon Hall sits behind a campus pond

Missouri Western State University’s scenic 723-acre campus includes approximately 200 acres of wooded natural habitat along a small stream named Otoe Creek. This preserve, called the Otoe Creek Nature Area, has nature trails and a small outdoor amphitheater. The campus also maintains nine man-made ponds of varying sizes, depths and water shed areas to provide a diverse collection of aquatic wildlife experiences. With the help of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, the ponds have been given names in the nation’s native tongue with English translations.

For information about fishing regulations please contact the Missouri Department of Conservation at 816-271-3100.

Explore Our Ponds

Campus ponds map

1. Ni-satt-wen mbes (South Pond)
2. Mish-mesh mbes (Oak Pond)
3. Tti-man mbes (Canoe Pond)
4. Mkott mbes (Wild Pond)
5. Ke-te mbes (Old Pond)
6. Ek me gish ek mbes (Everyday Pond)
7. Kwek-tte-wen mbes (Back and Forth Pond)
8. Pi-na-bo-ya mbes (Clear Pond)
9. Shi-shi-be mbes (Duck Pond)