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We are excited to share with you the many research and educational opportunities we provide our students. Check back often for updates and information about presentations and publications from our collaborative work with students.

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MWSU Biology Department


We understand that you may have many questions regarding the Biology Department, such as “What degrees do you offer?” “How do I become a student in your department?” “How do I get started on research?!” We will be happy to answer all of your questions! Click here to get started.

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About Us

eagle and lion taxidermy in Remington Hall at Missouri Western

Missouri Western’s Biology Department provides a collaborative learning environment in which students work alongside faculty to explore life at the molecular, organismal and population levels, as well as geological and geographical systems.

Top-notch laboratory facilities and a campus that serves as an outdoor learning laboratory provide students with valuable applied learning experiences during their coursework and independent research experiences.

The Biology Department offers majors in Biology with multiple concentration options, Natural Science Education, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, a minor in Biology, and a minor in geography allows students from all disciplines the opportunity to explore the human and physical dimensions of Earth and the spatial distribution of phenomena.

All 14 full time faculty members are active researchers in their fields and collaborate with undergraduate students to make new discoveries, present their findings, and publish their results.

Collaborators and Funding Sources

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Missouri Department of Conservation

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Remington Nature Center

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